Shuffle music game

STEP to play
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the title song as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense.

No cheating ok!

1. Will it be okay?
Maxstep - Younique unit

2. How are you feeling today?
Somebody else - Se7en

3. How do your friends see you?
Coming down - 2PM

4. Will you get married?
Destiny - Super Junior M

5. What is your best friend's theme song?
Just once - Cho Kyuhyun

6. What is the story of your life?
Hands up - 2PM

7. What was high school like?
How did we get - Lee Hyori ft Daesung

8. How can you get ahead in life?
Rain sound - BAP

9. What is the best thing about your friend?
I got ya - Bigstar

10. What is tonight going to be like?
Crazy - Teen Top

11. What is in store for the remainder of this weekend?
Memories - Super Junior

12. What song describe's  you?
Good friends - Super Junior

13. To describe your grandparents?
Lucifer - SHINee

14. How is your life's going?
Bling girl -B1A4

15. What song will they play at your funeral?
Tired of waiting - 2PM

16. How does the world see you?
Outsider - Super Junior

17. Will you have a happy life?
Marry U - Super Junior

18. What do your friend really think of you?
Stupid liar - Big Bang

19. Do people secretly lust after you?
Im sorry - 2PM

20. How can i make myself happy?
Alive - Big Bang

21. What should you do with your life?
Monster  Super Junior

22. Will you ever have a children?
Standing still - uBEAT

Some of this make sense like really. If you want to try this just copy and paste :) Actually ive tried this on august 2011 in my personal blog. Of course the answer is different~ < click here > Im just re-post it because i have no idea what to write.

Actually my sis don't like me being an inspirit and being hoyanism. Don't ask me why. She said she hates inspirit. //Well inspirit is not infinite//. Whenever i split out any words that relate to infinite my sis will go mad. Me + Hoya = Forbidden love

LOL don't worry, im not gonna join to #TeamInspiritGila im just gonna be Hoya's plain fans. Hew hew

Remember, my laff to my fishy is stronger than you think. <--- ROFL

I play knock knock game with my sister.

Me: Knock knock
Sis: Who's there?
Me: Ho
Sis: Ho who?
Me: Hoya!

Sis: Knock knock
Me: Who's there?
Sis: Ho
Me: Ho who?
Sis: Howon

Omg, i feels accepted


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