EXO Wolf 88 shirt

Imma fans of EXO now (Which who they called themselve as Exo Stans, Exotic and Exo.. whatever). I started to love their song, love their choreography, and love them. (This is bad because, Kyungsoo seems like taking Donghae's place as my ultimate bias) Okay you guys can blame it to my sister. She the one who introduce them to me. I was so innocent okay!


It is really frustrating me when i see other girl or guy wearing Wolf 88 shirt and i still don't have it. Now i need to survey which online k-shop selling this shirt with the lower price. Any suggestion will be nice >< Okay thats all. Bye

Ops not to forget. Here again i want to declare
Do Kyungsoo is my current ultimate bias

I guess nobody can resist this squishy Kyungsoo. He is so...... unexplainable. Kyungsoo is my love of a first sight. Well, whenever i watch their music video or a picture of EXO, i will be like "Oh my, he is so cute *points at him*" And my sister will answer "That Dyo and i hate him". What can i do? My sister hate my ultimate bias. Kbai T^T

P/S: I feels like wanna have their album too. Demmit. I hate when this feeling come to me because more money is needed to be in my wallet and my wallet loves to puke a money and make themselve empty. UWAA


  1. so funny because your ultimate bias start wif DO
    donghae and do kyungsoo

  2. Farah Rosli: Ikr. XD This is destiny. LOLOLOL

  3. the wolf shirt is pretty awesome. i only have the classic exo shirt for now. hopefully in near future i can upgrade my wardrobe with this wolf shirt! got me inspired!


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