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OMG Sehun needs oxygen. Lemme volunteer.

Okay guys, i want to suggest you to the best application ever. Its going to make you love your ultimate bias more and more. The chance that you will change your ultimate bias will decrease because you're going to fall and fall and fall and keep falling in love with your bias. (I know there is a lot of oppa will debuting in the future that will ruin your bias list)

This is how they flirt
Look at the picture. Its nice right? Its going to make you keep looking at your phone screen locked and unlocked it. This apps also got "Hide the Fanship a.k.a ILKO" to hide your bias and the message appear in case that you're with your non-kpop friend (Yea you know, they will feel annoyed).

I know most of the fangirl or fanboy will saved their bias picture in the cellphone (And i bet your bias picture is more than your own picture). So this is the way to use your favorite picture.

How to get this apps:
1. Search and install "Mydol" apps. Choose the first suggestion of course.

How to use it:

1. Tap on "Background Setting" 
to change the background picture. (Select a lot of picture then the picture will randomly change)

2. Tap on the "Button Setting" 
to change the unlock button picture. (This wont change randomly if you select more picture)

3. Tap on the "Hide the Fanship a.k.a ILKO" 
to change to picture that didn't relate to kpop. The setting is just the same like what i have been showed earlier. This is what i call emergency button.

This is how the "Hide the Fanship a.k.a ILKO" will be functioning. If you slide the unlock button downward, the unlock button and the background image will be immediately change and the message will be disappear. Then, if you slide the button down again, "your bias will immediately flirt you". BAHAHAHA

Look at the time. Its different right. I just wanna show you guys how DO seduce me last night XD

This apps only have 3 apps which is Default (system), Korean and English. If you're good in korean, just use korean instead. Also you can put your own name so that your bias could call your name (this will make it looks like they're actually talking to you >\\\<). Other setting can be done by tapping at the top left at the Image Setting.

Okay, everything has been clearly explained. Well its an easy apps actually. I just want to show you how this works.  Its going to be fun if you explore it by yourself. Good luck!

Big thanks to my sister who make me use this apps. Go visit her blog! (here)

P/S: I told to my non-kpopper friend about this apps and ask her to put on his boyfriend picture. Then she said;

Wani: OMG Ajan! What is this? *blushing*
Me: I know you will be like this. But don't tell anybody (non-kpop) about this. This is actually a kpop apps. You know, they will be like.... annoyed~
Wani: OKAY! *Thumbs up* *blushing*

//I just make my friends happy. lol//


  1. How to reply back the message your bias sent to you? What do u press? Please tell me :(

  2. Anonymous: No you cant reply the message. It's a fake message. ^^

  3. when i'm using this apps. now i got 2 lockscreen :( how to delete the original lockscreen. i'm a samsung me juseyoo

  4. Anonymous: From my experience, if we use mydol unlock screen the original unlock from the phone wont appear. Unless you put a security lock.

    Just set a "none" for your phone screen lock. Dont use a "pattern lock" or "pin lock" or "password".

    Hope this helping

  5. Nan rose: What photo? Did you mean my phone screen? I just screenshot it ^^

  6. How do you delete your messenges that you and your buas had in the app?


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