The Jackson GOT7 doppleganger

Lately i have been quite into GOT7. Well, not really into it i was only watch a few music video of them. --Was asked to watch their movie that time by Apis. He just made me watch those music video, unfortunately i'm not obsessed over them. Yet.

I'm very bad at recognizing new people to be honest. So to make me obsessed get into a group will take some time and plenty of hardwork of course. (Striking that sentence because you just don't have to spent to much time on unimportant thing, pls)

It's easier to know them through their variety show. the problem is, i don't know where to get all those variety show stuff. So i just give up on them.

So today's entry will be about Jackson. Why? Because Apis is Jackson biased. He keep on spamming my telegram and my whatsapp with Jackson's picture or keep on telling me to watch their video. So whenever i see Jackson, i'll be like "Wait, he looks like...."

I know some of you will disagree with me. But it's okay. I'm not good in recognizing people, remember?

1. Rome, C Clown
 HAHA Jackson got too much nose makeup

2. Peniel, BTOB

 I can't find the right photo actually.
3. Hoya, Infinite
Duh i can't find any picture of Hoya that almost look like this. But that look of Jackson, really Hoya.

See? I got trouble on recognizing new people. I can't stan new group shortly. So that is how i became loyal to a fandom. Don't you see that my weakness become my best part. HAHAHA

Note: I don't stan any group right now. Even EXO and Infinite. I'll be liking some kpop music randomly. Means, i'll like a music or a dance of a group but not because of their member.


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