Left neck-ed mole.

Do you understand me? The tittle that i've wrote is.. Ah, how can i explain this? Is my grammar okay? Okay, i admit that i have the worst grammar and still want to write in english. Okay, let get back to the topic. I want share a picture of person who has the same position of mole like Lee Donghae oppa.

Can you see it?  On his left neck?

Here are some people who has almost the same position of mole like Donghae. You can click on the picture for clearer view.

1. Lee Joon, MBLAQ

2. Lee Bo Young, actress

3. Nickhun, 2PM

4. Nam Goong Min, actor

5. Mir, MBLAQ

6. Changmin, TVXQ

7. Soohyun, U-Kiss

Okay down here i'm going to share a picture of kpop idol who has a mole on his left neck but not on the same position as Lee Donghae's mole and a kpop idol who has a mole on his right neck

Left neck-ed mole

1. Taemin, SHINee

2. Minwoo, Boyfriend

3. Sungyeol, Infinite

Right neck-ed mole

1. Baro, B1A4

2. Jaejoong, JYJ

3.  Key, SHINee

Want to know something? I do have a mole on my left neck too. >.< But i'ts not on the same position as Donghae's mole. My mole position is the same as Sungyeol's mole. I wish that i could share my picture but most of my mole in my picture is covered by my hair.

Please don't trust any 'meaning of mole position'. I don't think it's true. That's why i don't share it here. I have read a different meaning of the same position mole. -.- And.. you know what some meaning that i've read is all about bad thing. I'll never believe it. -..-

Now i want to thank to my friend who has helped my to search any K-pop idol who has the same position mole like Donghae oppa do. He is a Kpopers too //Kya, i'm more to ELF only. His name is Amirul and now he run a bloggerzine (blog+magazine) , LOL actually i'm also one of the admin blog. We do share a lot of topic in that blog. Mind to visit? Click here.

I know there is lot of K-pop idol who has a left neck-ed mole or mole on their neck. I couldn't make it anymore. It's very hard when you need to find their picture and their mole. T.T


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