Can you find The Creepy Kyu?

Actually, i saw a folder Creepy Kyu in my younger sister's handphone. I'ts really interesting because she got a lot of 'creepy Kyu's picture in her phone. So i asked my younger sister, "Why not to share this on my blog? I bet everybody will love this." Then she answer, "Urm, okay. But don't forget to tag me as the credits." And yay. I got her permission.

Oh yeah, for your information. My youger sister is a big fan of Kyuhyun, Super Junior. She is a Spark Kyu. Want to visit her blog? Click here. :)

To make it more interesting, why don't you try to find him in the picture that i share below? You know what, after i find it,  i think Kyuhyun is everywhere. LOL

Oh yeah! this picture is for you before starting! Good luck!


Err, the last picture i think should tittle as Creepy Sungmin. Can you see Sungmin? EKEKE, i think Sungmin has been infected by Kyuhyun's Creepy virus. LOL. Kbai :)


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