Super Special Reader.

Today's entry is not a 'stalker entry' like i use to post. Actually i want to tell you that i will put a section for my reader. I want to thanks to my reader because reading my entry, i can see it because the number of like that i got. But nobody comment on my entry, so it's hard to interact with you guys.

The one who i know is Dhia Zurain. She is my friend on facebook, so if i login my facebook and check out my entry, i could see her DP liking my entry. So, as a starter i put her name on Super Special Reader and link to her facebook, because i don't know if she has a blog. You can click the last right picture of Donghae above to see.

The advantage if you're on my Super Special Reader, i will send to you my newest entry link after i update my blog. So that you will never miss any of my entry and your link is promoted in my blog. How is that sound? pretty cool eh? This opportunity is for someone who love stalking like me. But, yeah i only stalking Super Junior especially Lee Donghae. I hope you don't mind.

Actually i really hope that i can give something to my reader. Since i blogging in 2010 i never make a contest or a giveaway. So i hope this year i could do something for my followers and my readers. If i do it, i'll let you know.

Okay, if you're interested to be in the Super Special Reader list, just follow this step. :)
1. Copy this
<a class="link" href="Your blog/facebook/twitter link" target="_blank"><special>Your Nickname</special>
2. Paste it in a comment box. 
But don't forget to put your Your blog/facebook/twitter link and Your Nickname in the code, and comment me. :)

It's okay if you don't understand, that step just make want to me easier to put in the template code. You just need to comment me you link blog or twitter or facebook and your nickname to me. :) Kbai. ^.^


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