#SadMomentWhen i really need to forget about @donghae861015

Do you remember before this i've made an entry about Lee Donghae's First Love right? And it's come with three result right?

First result.
The girl is ELFs. 2February2006 is date where SME officially announce Super Junior Fanclub's name. This also can be prove because Lee Donghae sing the First Love song and said 'Because i'm ELFs oppa.' in Shim Shim Ta Pa, 22/12/2011.

Second result.
The girl is his first love which he fall in love when he was leaving dorm's room. This is said by Lee Donghae in Shim Shim Ta Pa, 21/12/2011.

Third result.
The girl is Jessica SNSD. This is not from Donghae's mouth but from someone said that he's in the music industry.

Okay. I really don't know how to decide. But the third result might be true. I think there is something between Jessica and Donghae. You might don't know what happen between them in real life right? Lets see them in cyworld. Their so close. Video below shows their timeline in cyworld.

Okay, today allkpop post entry about this couple. If you want to read the allkpop's article, click here.


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