Lee Donghae First Love [ 3 ]

This is a follow up post from my past entry about Lee Donghae First Love. For those who don't know about this, you should check my first post about this.

Okay, lets straight to the point. Actually i just realize something from my first entry and my second entry. did you notice it? It's about the song that Lee Donghae talk about it in a radio station. He gave a different answer. Let's check it out.
Sukira Kiss The Radio,
DONGHAE said in sukira that this song is NOT about the first person he loved but the first person he felt love FROM. cr:Youtube

"111221 SSTP First Love is really about his first love. On 2/2 he saw the girl when he was leaving his dorm room."
source: Sujuism

See? Which one is the truth? I've search about the date about what he said in Sukira, but i found this. This is a Sukira Transkrip 26December2011.

(Ryeowook lets Donghae sing a small part of First Love)
Hae: Because I’m ELF’s oppa!
At the end, sings a bit only then stop
Wook: Aish, why stop!!
Hyuk: Actually, you forgot the lyrics rite?

He said that he is ELF's oppa. I really glad to know about this. I couldn't found the facts that he said those word in Sukira. I don't know what i missed. I also found out that the same dialogue in SSTP that i wrote above but it different date, it's 111222.
 Donghae said he just passed by his first love and didn’t talk to her. He took a lie detector test and failed. He confessed that he met her but it didn’t work out. Leeteuk revealed that the girl was older than Donghae. cr: tumblr

They talk about this on SSTP 111222. It's the 'nuna' that we've talk about it before.

All thingy that i expected last night are totally wrong. I think i just need to stop doing this. All the answer is on Donghae oppa's hand. It's depend how you think ELFs. Whatever he do and whatever he say will never change my ELFISHY status.

This is my message to Donghae. I know he'll not read it. I just want to let out my feel.

To: Lee Donghae,
정말 그 여자를 사랑한다면, 그냥가! 난 단지 당신이 그녀와 행복하게 될 것이라고 약속을 내 고통을 즐기는해야합니다. 감사합니다. 난 영원히 당신의 ELF됩니다.

-ELFishy, MyELF-


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