He's a forgetful person.

Our Lee Donghae is a very forgetful person. Come on fact! i need you!

1. Fact.
Donghae often forgets his hat, cell phone or similar items. He would look high and low for his hat, when he already wore it. Once he was chatting with another member on the phone and said: “I forgot my phone, I’m going to go up and take it.”

2. Forgot his lyrics.

Let's check out the video below. He forgot Mr.Simple lyrics.

He forgot that he's already full but still eating.


I'm so sorry because i couldn't find the video that shows Donghae oppa forgot First Love lyric. I just going to share the KTR transcript here.

5] (Ryeowook lets Donghae sing a small part of First Love)
Hae: Because I’m ELF’s oppa!
At the end, sings a bit only then stop 
Wook: Aish, why stop!!
Hyuk: Actually, you forgot the lyrics rite?

Okay, let's stop here. I don't feel like to continue writing. Bye. :)


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