Kissing picture of Donghae?

I know maybe some of ELFishy has already know about this. Actually i just found out about this last year. I also have made a post about this at my personal blog on July. I'm going to post it here in English.

Okay, lets take a look at the picture.

I pretty sure that some of you or maybe all of you has found this right? I don't know that is real Donghae or what. So i make a comparison to his real picture. 

Who always stares at Donghae's picture like me will realize that his chin is different. On the first picture, his chin is quite sharp compare to the second picture. Ahh, this will be easier if they capture the other side of his face because our Lee Donghae has a mole on his neck near to his ear.

Can you see it? If, you can't, just click on his picture. Maybe you can start looking at him carefully on video. hehe. Actually, this is how i recognize Donghae oppa  when i see someone who look like him. I'll check it on his neck. 

Oh yea, about the kissing picture, just forget it. All ELF said it's FAKE. We know our Fishy better right? I believe that he wouldn't do that because it can effect his carrier and his late father's dream. We've promise to believe them, aren't we? ^^ 


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