Ok, now i know why.

Today i'm not going to post about Donghae. But i'll post something that relate to K-Pop. Hey, if i don't post about k-pop why i call this blog is my kpop blog? ^^

When i started to addict on K-Pop, i wonder why Malaysia can't make a great music just like them. Have you ever thought just like me? I've the answer here.

First off all, you have to try hear this song. 2PM - Hands up.

Next this song. Boyfriend - Boyfriend.

How was it? When it change to malay it become so weird right? Before this, we just listen to the kpop song and never care about the lyrics. I mean the translation. Well, you just like me. For me, i can understand the song by watching the music video and listen to the rhythm.

Here i give some of SHINee - Replay lyrics. I took the chorus part.

Hangul: 누난 너무 예뻐
Romanization: Nunan neomu yeppeo
Translation: Kakak sangat cantik
That's my simple word of hangul that i can translate by myself. -.- I should learn more hangul. LOL

Can you imagine there is a word 'kakak sangat cantik' in malay lyric? As you know, Malaysian has budi bahasa, they use beautiful word to describe beautiful, it's different from the lyrics which so straight forward.  //Actually i don't know how to describe this. I hope you can understand ><

Actually, Malaysian has their own identity in everything. They don't have to be like k-pop music. They has their own charismatic ^.^


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