Lee Donghae First Love [ 2 ]

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Well actually, when i listen to First Love song from other youtube user, i found a different comment. They're also confuse with the date. Lets take a look. I'll copy the comment.

foodeatingmachine:2006 Feb 2nd? Whaaaaat happened...? T.T
ryeohae: @foodeatingmachine i heard the day he fell in love .
xBalsamiciousx: @foodeatingmachine I think it's the date that SM officially announced the name of super junior's fangroup "Everlasting friends"
myprom15e: @ryeohae I read that this was the date when SM announced "ELF(EverLasting Friend)" as SJ's fan club. :T
I also read that Donghae's first love was a noona, not a dongsaeng.
AlyM37: @myprom15e rly? if she was a noona, y does he keep referring to himself as her oppa?
nileyrulez12816: @myprom15e But this song can't be about a nonna, It saids I'm your only OPPA so this song has to be for a dongsaeng...
Everybody keep discussing about Donghae' first love and the person he refer on his lyrics. I really agree with them. Lets read another comment.

givmehcomedy: im confused...can anyone help me? everybody is saying that feb. 2, 2006 is the date sm announced suju's fandom name..but then isnt it established on june 2, 2006 not feb.?? i mean we celebrate elf day on june 2

This is the best answer that i need about the ELF day that i've been asked before. ^^

givmehcomedy: this reminds me of a strong heart story donghae told about his love for this noona that happened in winter....is it her??...i might be wrong XD!

givmehcomedy: "111221 SSTP First Love is really about his first love. On 2/2 he saw the girl when he was leaving his dorm room."
source: Sujuism

So, if the information from Sujuism is true is that mean 'mburg777' is talking the truth? I'm not sure about this but is there's ELF around Super Junior room? Or maybe SNSD member? He said that 'he saw the girl when he was leaving his dorm room.'

It can be mburg777 talking the truth because SNSD Jessica is younger than him. So, he refering himself as oppa right? And maybe on that day she is the person who Donghae saw when he was leaving his dorm.

I still confuse about this. But it's okay. I'm leaving. *Heartache*

If this is true, i know ELFishies may get hurt. I also will get hurt. But i'll accept this pain for Donghae's happiness. :')


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