This is Malaysian KPOP. Not MPOP.

Do you remember my entry before? I wrote about "Why Malaysian can't make a music like K-POP". The answer that i gave is Malaysian has their own charismatic on doing something.

I wrote that because as Malaysian, we need to be proud to our country and not saying that Malaysian can't do better than other county. If you love K-pop, i think you need to learn how they love their own country. They don't know English because they really love their national language. I love their spirit to their county and I hope Malaysian can take that as an example to love your own country.

Ok, now we have a Malaysian who already prove that nothing Malaysian can't do. They also make a song sound really 'KPOP'. Here the video teaser.

Want to know more about them? click here. < Love Like This – A Korean Malaysian collaboration >


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