Lee Donghae First Love

Have you listen to this song? The lyric of this song is written by our Lee Donghae. I think i should let you guys listen the song first. Below this video i already put the lyric and the translation.

The lyric is in the scroll box. I'm afraid you might not see my scroll box >< Sorry

Korean Lyric :
nan geudaemane oppa
geudaen namane yoja
hangsang ne gyeote isso julge
nan geudaemane oppa
dalkomhan uri sarang
oppan neoman saranghallae

ichon yungnyon iworiil naege on geu nal
hayan nunchorom
geu moseup giokheyo nan
jageun geu ttollimmajodo
naege gideoso jamdeun geude
dalkomhan immatchumeul

U~~U~~ neol saranghae

saranghae i mal bakken saranghae i mal bakken
jul ge igotppuninde
chang bakke nuni neryo garodeung bulbit arae
geu ane neowa naega isso

nan geudae mane oppa
geudaen namane yeoja
oppan neoman saranghallae

Translation :
I’m your only oppa
You’re my only woman
I will always there for you
I’m your only oppa
Our sweet love
Oppa will only love you

2nd February 2006, the day came to me was like white snow
I remember that I was a bit shaky
You expected me to go to sleep
A sweet kiss

U~~U~~I love you

I want to say I love you, I want to say I love you
This is something I want to give
Snow falls outside the windows
Below the street light
There are you with me in that hug

I’m your only oppa
You’re my only woman
Oppa will only love you

I know after you read the translation, you'll wondering what happen to Donghae oppa on 2February2006 right? Actually you're just like me. I've been searching the date actually. Let's see what i found on tumblr.

Feb 2nd 06 was the date SM officially announced “ELF(Ever Lasting Friends)” as the fans’ name of our Super Junior.  cr: Tumblr

DONGHAE said in sukira that this song is NOT about the first person he loved but the first person he felt love FROM. cr:Youtube
So, 2February should be ELF day right? But i'd remember that last year, ELF day trending in twitter on 2June. Why is 2June is pick as ELF day? or it's just a mistake? I need somebody to tell me about this. Find me on twitter of FB okay? ^^

After reading that i feel so happy because his first love is ELF. I'm proud to be ELF. Then, i found this comment on youtube.

mburg777: hint, it's one of the SNSD
aznpiggy123: @mburg777 really? who?
mburg777: @aznpiggy123 Jessica

PhuongAnhKitty4evah: @mburg777 please don't start unnecessary rumors. We don't know for sure who he wrote it for.
mburg777: @PhuongAnhKitty4evah i'm from the industry. cannot reveal too much. thanks

AsianChicVivian: @mburg777 how do you know?
mburg777: @AsianChicVivian i'm in the industry. can't say more.
AsianChicVivian: @mburg777 if you say it like that, then i either think it's jessica or yoona!! but i have a feeling that its jessica

nimywimy1991: @mburg777 No it's not, don't start rumors. Seriously.
mburg777: @nimywimy1991 facts.

You can read this comment by yourself on youtube. It's in the video that i shared above.

So, what do you think about it? It's Jessica is the girl who Donghae mention or ELF. AND Do we need to believe 'mburg777' who said that he is in the industry?  //Sorry, i don't know it's a girl or boy// Think it yourself. Don't forget to tell me about ELF day okay?

p/s: I'm so sorry if i've give a wrong info. Annyeonghaseyo!


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